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    Système détection de vélage

    RF-TRACK has designed and manufactures the SMARTVEL Calving Detection System in partnership with EVOLUTION XY.

    This is the first non-invasive calving detection system that takes into account the specific behaviour of the cow during calving process.

    More than 25,000 sensors are now deployed with a satisfaction rate of 97%

    With SMARTVEL, the breeder follows the calving process at the right time.

    Successful calving allows:

    • To lower the mortality rate during calving process
    • To ensure a good health of the cow and her calf
    • To preserve the reproduction performances

    “I can sleep, I save calves and I improve my performance”




    EasyFoal is a foaling detection system based on the analysis of the mare’s behavior before foaling. Thanks to a sensor positioned on the mare’s tail, EasyFoal sends you an alert when the first signs of foaling appear.

    EasyFoal allows you to sleep soundly during the foaling period… don’t wake up unnecessarily! The system monitors the mare, both in the stall and in the paddock, and allows you to intervene at the right moment.


    cochon actisow

    The ACTISOW sensor is a precision feed sensor for pregnant sows. This sensor is attached to the ear of the animal. It measures the daily energy expenditure and allows to modulates the food needs according to the physical activity,in order to optimize the body reserves.

    The difficulties of calving and starting the lactation of sows explain a large part of the losses of piglets not reaching the weaning period, difficulties which are themselves closely linked to the management of the state of body reserves at birth.

    ACTISOW will improve the vitality of piglets, the longevity and prolificacy of the sow with positive economic benefits.

    This sensor received an Innov’Space innovation award ** at the 2017 SPACE show.

    EEG : Electroencephalogram Horse

    This helmet was developed for the ETHOS laboratory, specialized in animal ethology. It transmits brainwaves (EEG) from both hemispheres via BlueTooth link to display the signals in real time, and simultaneously process and record them on a SD card, for post treatment.. The goal of the connected headset is to offer researchers or veterinarians a tool for studying the behavior of the animal.